Northwoods Bank of Minnesota

Park Rapids, MN

Job Title:
General Lending Officer

The Lending Officer reports directly to the Chief Credit Officer. Primary responsibilities include soliciting, generating, originating, and closing residential real estate and Commercial loans for the bank. The Loan Officer will build relationships with real estate professionals, commercial customers, and consumers. They will solicit applications and loan requests, interview loan applicants, and handle phone inquiries regarding loans. Once a Loan has been approved the lender will oversee the loan closing process. This position will also help sell bank products and generate new business opportunities for the bank. This person will be responsible to make development calls, concentrating on the real estate and commercial market, with the goal of generating additional volume for the bank. This position is also responsible for the maintenance of a loan portfolio and in the event of delinquency, the collection of loan payments.

Lending: 60% • Is responsible for the generation of loans for the bank. This includes the customer interviews and closing of the loans. • Completes the application process and makes loans within bank guidelines. This will include using independent judgment when determining the best product for the customer, the rate, fees, and assuring that all necessary documentation is completed. • Is responsible for closing the loan with the customer. • Is responsible to ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations throughout the lending process. Managing Loan Administration: 5% • Will ensure that customer service is provided in a high-quality manner. • Will handle phone inquiries regarding rates and requirements for getting a loan with the bank. • During the process of originating the loan, the lender will work closely with customers, providing advice and counseling them through the process, while handling issues as they arise. • Is responsible to control the past due loans in their portfolio. Will maintain current loans and collect delinquent payments. When necessary, will oversee the collection process. • Is responsible to correctly identify problem loans and to provide analysis to assist with the calculation of the loan loss reserve. • Is responsible to identify strategies for problem loans that will minimize losses to the bank. Sales: 30% • Is responsible for deepening customer relationships with existing customers and prospects. This will be accomplished through understanding the full account relationships with customers and making sales calls to those contacts and customers to solicit additional product sales. • Will cross sell customers on additional banking products and services. • Must help attract prospects to the bank. Again, this will be accomplished through participation in the bank’s sales calling effort. • Specifically, this position will work with commercial business owners and real estate professionals within the community to generate loans for the bank. Typically, this will include brokers, builders and real estate agents who can provide referrals to the bank. • Will make regular sales calls to commercial business owners, real estate brokers, builders and real estate agents. Other: 5% • Active involvement in community and civic organizations, as appropriate, to represent the bank in the community. • As part of the overall team of bank employees, this position may be requested to assist in the support of other bank activities.

• A four-year degree in business, finance, real estate, or accounting • Or 2 to 5 years of experience in a community bank • Or 2 to 5 years successful experience in a sales position • Must have the capacity to work under stress and handle difficult situations. • This job requires skills needed in a typical office environment. This includes computer skills, communications skills, as well as utilization of office equipment.


How to Apply:
Please send resume to [email protected]