Minnesota Business Finance Corporation (MBFC)

Saint Cloud, MN

Job Title:
President & CEO

The President and Chief Executive Officer of MBFC provides vision and leadership for all aspects of MBFC’s operations with an emphasis on short-term and long-term goals, development, growth of the business in its market position, and ensures the organization maintains thriving culture.

Duties/Responsibilities Duties and responsibilities listed suggest oversight. Specific policies and procedures may be delegated within the organization. Board of Directors The President and CEO reports to the Board of Directors and works regularly with the Board Chair and Executive Committee. Acting with the authority granted below, the CEO and President may not perform, allow, or cause to be performed any act which is unlawful or insufficient to meet commonly accepted business and professional ethics for the “prudent person” test in violation of funding source requirements or regulatory bodies. • Works with the Board of Directors and other executives to establish short-term objectives and long-range goals, and related plans and policies. • Presents regular reports on the status of MBFC’s operations to the Board and staff. • Proactively communicates to the Board awareness of special events, relevant trends, and material, external and internal changes in the assumptions upon which Board decisions and policies are established. • Submits required monitoring data in a timely, accurate, and understandable fashion, directly addressing provisions of the Board policies and objectives being monitored. • Presents relevant internal and external points of view, identifies issues and options, in a clear and concise format as needed for fully informed Board choices. • Recruits for nomination, on-boards, and orients new Board Directors for their appropriate terms. • Ensures proactive filling of committee assignments. Member Engagement • Actively cultivates current membership relationships resulting in positive engagement. • Proactively seeks to grow the membership. Finance/Budget Operations • Oversees MBFC’s financial structure (budgets), ensuring adequate and sound funding for its mission and goals. • Reviews the financial results of all operations, comparing them with MBFC’s objectives and taking appropriate measures to correct unsatisfactory performance and results. • Ensures MBFC’ compliance with all SBA’s applicable laws, rules, regulations, and standards. • Oversees all required audits. • Manages the annual SBA reporting process. • Identifies and negotiates with other companies regarding actions such as mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures. • Ensures that MBFC’s legal obligations are met. • Performs other related duties to benefit the MBFC’s mission. • Responsible for real estate properties owned and operated by MCBD LLC. Human Resources Operations • Manages and directs key staff in the performance of their duties. • Evaluates the performance of key staff members. • Leverages sound human resources practices that motivate, engage, and retain valuable/talented staff. • Evaluates and monitors employee compensation, benefits and health plans. • Manages staff volunteer activities. Technology Operations • Provides oversight to technology strategies that serve MBFC’s and customers’ interests effectively. • Provides oversight to managing technology vendors. • Ensures sound data privacy practices. Marketing, Branding and Community Development • Represents MBFC at NADCO (National Association of Development Companies) and associated professional connections. • Serves as the MBFC’s representative to the Board of Directors, members, employees, and customers. • Serves as the MBFC’s representative to stakeholders. Education • Education may vary; an advanced degree in business administration, finance, or law is preferred, but not required. Travel Requirements • Occasional state, regional and national travel for presentation, advocacy, and training. Physical Requirements • Prolonged periods working at a desk and working on a computer. • Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times. • Must be able to navigate various departments of MBFC’s physical premises.

Position Requirements • Stimulates a healthy organizational culture that can pivot and be agile in rapidly changing work environments. • Articulates a clear and concise vision for MBFC that has sound strategy, tactics, and measures. • Oversees the ongoing operations of MBFC. • Manages and directs MBFC toward its primary goals and objectives. • Oversees employment decisions at the executive level. • Leads a team of executives to consider major decisions including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, or large-scale expansions. • Promotes communication and cooperation among business units to create a spirit of unity in the organization. • Interfaces (in-person) with staff, Loan Committees, Board of Directors, Members, and other stakeholders per SBA requirement.


How to Apply:
Email cover letter, resume, 3 references, to career@mbfc.org Questions about the post can be directed to Dr. Scott Morrell, Rebar Leadership, at Scott@rebarleadership.com or by phone at 952-288-4253.