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The 2021 Ag Conference will be held in New Ulm October 28-29 at the New Ulm Conference Center.

The ICBM Ag Committee has requested proposals for speaking at the 2021 Ag Conference. We encourage all associate members to submit proposals. We are requesting submissions for 45-minute breakout sessions on the topics listed below. 

Ag Related
  • Federal & State Ag policy update & overview
  • Understanding “Carbon Credits” & how that may impact future Ag Lending
  • Grain marketing strategies during a volatile environment
  • Strategies for dealing with a high cash rental market (likely coming in 2022)
  • Update on rapidly rising farm land values
  • Environmental issues our borrowers may be encountering
    • Soil Quality
    • Climate
    • Water Quality
Ag Banking
  • Utilizing to FBM program & FINBIN to improve Ag Lending practices
  • Strategies to finance Hedge Account LOC’s
  • Analyzing the credit-worthiness of innovative new ventures in agriculture
  • Loan Participation strategies for smaller Banks
  • Protecting LOC security interests when farmers utilize input financing
  • Hemp production - Regulatory challenges from a banker’s standpoint
  • Fintech
    • Engaging customers in a digital climate
    • Stress testing portfolios
These are suggested topics based on feedback from the Ag Committee. Other proposed topics will be considered.

The Ag Committee is responsible for selecting all programs presented. Each proposal will be reviewed, and you will be notified via email if your proposal is selected. If you have questions, please contact Patti Coles

Proposals are due by May 19, 2021. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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