Community Bank Mankato

Mankato, MN

Job Title:
Operations Services Manager

Community Bank Mankato is a family owned bank dedicated to satisfying the needs of its customers and employees in a friendly atmosphere while ensuring an adequate return to provide for growth and financial stability. The purpose of this position, and all positions, is to respond to the client and other staff needs with quality service in a timely fashion while following applicable laws and regulations. The responsibilities include directing the Operations Department to ensure effective and efficient operation of the department, including Proof, Operations accounting, ACH processing, statement and notice processes, and assisting in online/mobile banking. Provides leadership and direction for other operations employees. Assists in IT related responsibilities while working with outside IT vendors. Is a key person in maintenance of Core Services/Fiserv related software.

Essential Functions and Primary Duties of Position: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT / TASKS – 50% • Manage operations staff and is a resource to other departments on Operation, Core Services, and IT questions. • Monitors all department functions to ensure uniform understanding of and compliance with Bank policies and procedures. • Take corrective action as required to improve efficiencies or solve issues. • Plans, schedules and coordinates department work activities resulting in smooth data processing and operational functions. • Coordinates with other departments tasks that cross multi-departments • Assist with regulatory exams as well as audits agreed to by the bank. • Provides input on possible procedural or policy changes. • This is a working position. Complete daily tasks and provide backup where needed. CORE SERVICES (Fiserv/Precision) – 25% • Manage technical related challenges with core to include parameter maintenance • Work with IT committee on Security set up and changes • Participate in training of staff when needed • Work with all departments on improvements and changes to any processes • One of the lead staff people when communicating with Fiserv • Assist in decision making when looking to add new products as ancillary services that integrate with the Precision software • Review software to insure best utilization of features that are available • Manage year – end processing and overall processing schedules • Assist in online & mobile banking services • Other tasks related to Core that may come up IT – 20% • Resource for network process and password administration • Coordinate outside vendor needs along-side the IT committee. • Central resource for employee requests / issues • Assists during exams and audits • Handle some day-to-day functions such as adding new employees to the bank network, resolving password issues, coordinating new software installations. Other – 5% • Duties from time to time other than listed in this job description are required to be performed.

Competencies • Adaptability: able to adjust quickly to different work situations and remain composed under pressure and in stressful situations. • Customer Orientation: recognize and respond sensitively to the needs and priorities of the customer and take appropriate action to meet their needs, establish an effectively working relationship with customers to gain their respect and loyalty. • Attention to Detail: regard for important details to assure accuracy in every transaction performed, detect errors, and follow through on corrections and details. • Oral/Written Communication Skills: ability to express thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner both orally and in written form to a variety of audiences. • Professionalism: project a positive image of the bank to all internal and external customers. • Time Management: ability to effectively manage one’s time to complete work according to established deadlines. The ability to prioritize tasks to make the best use of time for high priority tasks. Education, Experience, and Skills Required: 1. 3 - 5 years bank operations experience is preferred. 2. Fiserv/Precision experience a plus 3. General knowledge of IT including Microsoft software(s) 4. Ability to regularly empathize with clients and employees using tact, self-confidence, and common courtesy. Personal Characteristics: 1. Well-developed interpersonal skills. Ability to get along well with diverse personalities; tactful, mature and flexible. 2. Works with confidential client matters; requires ability to keep matters confidential. 3. Professional appearance: Grooming and dress consistent with tasks to be performed and in keeping with desired high firm image. 4. Prompt arrival and regular attendance at work. 5. Pleasant and cooperative attitude with co-workers.


How to Apply:
Please send resume and cover letter to: Kay Wallerich, HR, at