The Shift in Cybersecurity Strategy: A Zero Trust Guide

March 21, 2023 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Complimentary (bank members) | $120 per person (nonmembers)

Zero trust (ZT) is a collection of concepts designed to maximize the certainty that the person or system that is accessing information are who they say they are and are authorized to access that specific piece of information, at that specific time, regardless of where that person or system is located, or what is being used to access that information.   The ultimate goal: prevent unauthorized access of data and services.  If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is.  Fear not:  Merely beginning this journey can pay dividends in both security enhancement and risk reduction. 
We will begin this journey discussing the basic principles of zero trust.  Data:  Inventory and classification.  Identity:  Ensuring someone is who they say they are.  Endpoints:  Evaluating posture (how do we determine if the device is secure).  Network:  Segmenting networks?  Applications:  Is this application trusted and should it be allowed?  Infrastructure:  How do we harden and monitor? 
We’ll finish this discussion describing some easy wins:  Identity management and how we increase assurance.  Unstructured data inventory and classification.  Application inventory and enforcement.  Endpoint device posturing.  Beginning the network segmentation journey. 

This session will cover: 

  • Why is cybersecurity strategy shifting?
  • What is Zero Trust and what are its basic principles?
  • How can bankers begin shifting their cybersecurity strategy to Zero Trust?

Who Should Attend:
C-suite and IT 

Presented in partnership with   

Andy Minneker, IronCore, Inc.
Since 1997, Andy has been in technology and leadership roles at fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and across several critical industries, including health care and finance.  Before becoming a cofounder and president of Ironcore, Inc., Andy was a technical coordinator at Fiserv.  During his tenure at Fiserv, Andy was responsible for the design and implementation of the first Fiserv Precision data center, along with much of its security infrastructure.  Andy has a wide range of technical, security, and financial services knowledge and enjoys assisting customers with everything from strategic planning to infrastructure and security design.  Andy serves on a wide range of advisory boards, from the local technical college,  to industry leading network and security vendors.  Andy’s current passions are FinTech and Zero Trust.

Questions? Contact Patti Coles at [email protected] or (651) 789-3987


3/21/2023 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Central Daylight Time

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