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Few things can help you more as the CEO of a community bank than learning from the firsthand experience of your peers. Would you like an opportunity to interact with the CEO of another community bank, how about a room full of them? BankIn Minnesota's CEO Network offers you that opportunity and more.

CEOs that join the network are paired with peers – discussion groups are limited to 20 participants and based on asset size and market to ensure topics are relatable and competition is minimal. To ensure you get the highest value out of each forum, the facilitator will encourage participants to submit topics of interest prior to the event.

Attendees will:

  • Discuss current industry challenges.
  • Solve your most pressing problems.
  • Obtain access to highly respected industry experts.
  • Expand your personal and professional growth and form lasting relationships with your peers

Pricing: Complimentary for Bank Members only

Title: Is it Possible to Bank MRBs, and What are the Rules?

With the recent passage of marijuana within the state, banks are trying to determine how or if to bank these customers.  There is plenty to consider when looking at these customers.  In this session we will discuss the rules (or lack thereof), potential risks, and examiner expectations.  Banking these customers can be profitable if done the right way, but requires enhancements to the BSA program and continued monitoring.  The session will also discuss what other banks have done in states where similar laws are in place and what you can or cannot do.  

Key Takeaways:
-  Is it possible to bank MRBs, and what are the rules
-  What are the risks for banking MRBs
-  Can we jump into banking MRBs right away
-  What do the regulators expect from us regarding MRBs

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Presenter: Shaun Harms – CRCM Principal / Advisory - Regulatory Compliance at FORVIS. Shaun has worked in the financial services industry for approximately 20 years. He possesses vital knowledge that spans throughout the regulatory, compliance and operational risk sectors of the financial services industry. Before joining FORVIS, Shaun was the Founder and Executive Director of Bankers Assurance, LLC which was a consulting firm specializing in compliance related reviews and assistance for community and mid-size financial institutions.

11/15/2023 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
BankIn Minnesota - SHAZAM Education Center 7900 International Drive, Ste 685 Bloomington 55425

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