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CCO Network

ICBM developed the Chief Credit Officer Network to give you the opportunity to connect with other CCOs. The Network covers challenging business topics that CCOs face in both public and private sectors. It allows CCOs to address issues and review new solutions in managing high-risk exposure.

This network is designed for and by CCOs. Participants help determine the agendas which ensures the events are relevant and applicable to your bank. 

Presentation: Record SBA 504 Lending in FY 2021 – What’s new with the Program

Fiscal Year 2021 saw a rush of new U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) programs and record lending!  The SBA 504 Program, around for over 40 years, saw a record amount of loans approved. While a number of factors contributed to the record setting year, changes to the debt refinance programs were part of the story.

In 2021, the SBA implemented several new rules governing the SBA 504 Debt Refinancing Programs.

Enacted as part of the Economic Aid Act of 2020, these program changes make the Debt Refi with Expansion and Debt Refi without Expansion programs easier to use and available to more small businesses.

The SBA 504 Debt Refinance programs are now even better at helping your borrowers take advantage of existing equity, secure a lower rate, or set themselves up to succeed in today’s uncertain economy.

In 2022, the SBA also implemented the SBA 504 ALP Express Program. Also enacted as part of the Economic Aid Act of 2020, this change is designed to speed the approval of SBA 504 loans of $500,000 or less.

This presentation will explain the basics of the SBA 504 Refi with Expansion, SBA 504 Refi without Expansion, and SBA 504 ALP Express programs; provide examples; and offer a chance to ask questions about how the programs can benefit your customers.

What You Will Learn:

  • 504 loan program
  • 504 Debt Refi with Expansion loan program
  • 504 Debt Refi without Expansion loan program
  • 504 ALP Express loan program

Presenters: Andy Clausen, Senior Vice President, Amplio Economic Development Corporation

Pricing: Complimentary for Bank Members only

12/8/2022 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Glenwood State Bank 2221 S Broadway St Alexandria 56308

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