CCO Network

CCO Network

ICBM developed the Chief Credit Officer Network to give you the opportunity to connect with other CCOs. The Network covers challenging business topics that CCOs face in both public and private sectors. It allows CCOs to address issues and review new solutions in managing high-risk exposure.

This network is designed for and by CCOs. Participants help determine the agendas which ensures the events are relevant and applicable to your bank. 

Presentation: Change or Be Changed

The discussion will start out with the changes over 35 years in the banking industry as a regulatory. We will discuss the present state of the industry and economy, pointing to areas that may require change, specifically impacting the lending industry. We will shift the discussion to the tools that will help you analyze your specific portfolio and then to individual loans. You will also learn what to expect from examiners.


  • Changes that will impact the industry
  • Changes that will impact the bank
  • Changes that will impact the loan portfolio
  • Changes that will impact individual loans

About the Presenter: Randy Rock, Rock Consulting LLC, recently retired from the FDIC after over 30 years.  One of the most enjoyable parts of that job was being able to assist bankers in areas where their institution had not had the time or resources to develop expertise.  While much of this expertise was gained from regulatory experience, guidance, and training, just as much was gained from the bankers by seeing the way different banks approached needed changes.  I formed Rock Consulting LLC to provide a venue for me to continue to provide assistance.

I started my career as a field examiner and progressed to a case manager in the Kansas City Regional Office.  I returned to the field as a manager where I had the pleasure of serving as a field office supervisor in the Sioux City and Sioux Falls Field Offices.  The next step was to go to the Chicago Regional Office where I oversaw banks in Wisconsin and the region’s large bank section.  Over the years I led or participated in several special projects.  Some of them involved personnel management such as revising job standards, benchmarks, and feedback, while others were for specific topic such as the ag loan classification policy or third-party risk.  I recently retired and have already figured out that I have a passion to continue working in the financial industry. 

I have some exposure to the large bank world through oversight of the that section, but my expertise is in the community banking environment.  My grandfather was involved in forming community bank from which my father retired.  That bank is now a branch of another institutions, which seems to have been their right decision.  However, there are other situations where it may be best for the institution’s owners and employees and the local community to strive to help that charter survive.  I can help you walk through those decisions.

Pricing: Complimentary for Bank Members only

4/13/2022 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
ICBM - SHAZAM Education Center 7900 International Drive, Ste 685 Bloomington 55425

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